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Cinnamon Bark Oil

The bark is harvested twice a year, starting when the trees are about three years old, one-year after pruning. Cinnamon is always harvested immediately after each of the two rainy seasons, when the rain-soaked bark can be more easily stripped from the trees. When harvested, the leaves and twigs snipped off and the bark is scraped and peeled in a very precision way like a surgeon uses a surgical knife on a patient. The peeled bark is stuffed in long barks to form like a telescope. The quality and standards are maintained in length and circumference/diameter.

Cinnamon owes its distinctive, spicy fragrance to a volatile oil that it contains. The cinnamon oil is distilled in copper stills from off-grade bark, leaves and roots. Our distilleries are located in our own plantations and have a very pleasant effect on the surroundings, scenting the air with a sweet and spicy perfume.

Cinnamon peeling is a highly skilled technique, handed down almost unchanged from ancient times. Sri Lankan cinnamon peelers are a community departing the knowledge of peeling from one generation to another, which follows a trade prescribed by tradition and quite separate from the growers. The peelers maintain high standards in processing the bark since their share depends as much on the calibre of their work as on the natural quality of the cinnamon.