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Cinnamon is attached very closely to Sri Lanka that the botanical name of the spice Cinnamomum zeylanicum has been derived from the island's former name - Ceylon.

Today, Sri Lanka is still the world's leading source of cinnamon, producing not only four-fifth of the world production but its wide selection of grades as well.

Cinnamon is regarded as the most characteristic and delicately scented spice known for its exceptional quality and rich aroma mainly used to enhance and favour foods, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and many other uses known by consumers.

L B Spices Trading exports fine quality pure Ceylon cinnamon to USA, European Union, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and South America markets.

Our cinnamon is available in forms of:

Cinnamon quills

Continental, Mexican and Hamberg Quality.  Cinnamon Quills are available in bale form and could be cut into any custom size

Continental: Alba, C4, C5, C5 SP  
Mexican: M4, M5  
Hamberg: H1, H2, H3  
Cinnamon quillings  
Cinnamon featherings  
Cinnamon chips  
Cinnamon powder  
Cinnamon leaf oil  
Cinnamon bark oil Cinnamaldehyde 30% - 70%